Walk Ons and Rental Players
Walk On Players

The last Sunday of the month is our walk on day.  Depending on numbers, walk on players might well go out in their own group.  To be classed as a walk on player you must have your own equipment needed to play.

Have a friend that you want to bring?  Doesn’t have their own equipment?  Don’t worry as our walk on days also cater for rental players as well and price for rental package will apply.  Just let us know in advance when you do your booking.

Price is £55 and includes box of 2000 paintballs and pre-booking is essential.

Site paint only and all markers must be 280fps and 10.5 bps, semi only, no ramp.

Contact Julie on 07790 143118 to book or alternatively email Julie@gunsmoke-paintball.co.uk.

Rental Players

We can also cater for rental players if you want to play on a walk on day so you don’t miss out on playing paintball with your walk on player friends.  We can supply you with everything needed to be able to play.  Marker, goggles, overalls and paintballs – just let us know what you need to hire when you pre-book.

Please note rental player prices are based on the adult paintball prices.
Click here for all the pricing options.

Last sundays each month is for walk on players and pre-booking essential

To book your paintball session, you can complete the contact form or alternatively call Julie on 07790 143118 or alternatively email Julie@gunsmoke-paintball.co.uk stating Walk On Players booking.

Please note that we will confirm bookings with you so please ensure that you supply a contact number.  To avoid any disappointment, you MUST book in or call in to reserve your place rather than just turning up on site on the day.

I accept the terms of using the Gunsmoke Paintball website and privacy policy agree to be contacted in connection with my booking/enquiry.