Game Zones

Gunsmoke Paintball has a variety of challenging paintball fields set on a 31 acre site woodland site.  Designed by paintballers for paintballers you can be sure of exciting games on these fields.  We incorporate lots of different types of items on the fields ranging from barricades, barrels, vehicles, helicopter, and more.

Layout of Gunsmoke Paintball
Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers (aka Kill Confirmed) is a game where players collect their opponents armbands when they have shot them out.  The team with the most armbands at the end of the game wins.


Silo is a game of tactics.  Break out as quickly as you can and get to cover and then move up the field until all opposition players have been eliminated.

Criss Cross

Break out as quickly as you can, move up the field to fight for control of the center of the field, grab as many white marker flags as you can, get them back to your start line bases at either end and keep hold of them till the end of the game.  The team with the most flags wins the game, but look out the enemy is trying to do the same as you.


Hit the buzzer and take control.  The only way the opposition will stop you gaining more points is to hit the buzzer and get half a point for each minute you hold the buzzer.  This game makes you move and try and win the game.  Digging in is not an option if you want to win.

Sabotage destroy the V1 Rocket

Sabotage aka plant the bomb, one team starts with a armed bomb (“fake of course”).  The mission is to plant the bomb and take out the V1 rocket by making sure it goes off destroying the rocket.  The opposition team has to stop them planting the bomb.  If they do, then opposition has to disarm the bomb, it’s a constant arm and disarm for a full 10 minutes, pretty much designed around the computer games so arming and disarming the bomb is a replica of the game mode.  There are bonus points for playing bomb early.  The winner is determined at the end of countdown timer, either bomb defused or bomb exploded will be written on the screen and accompanied by a siren sounding.

Supply Drop

Supply drop is more of a close quarter combat  game designed to bring out your ninja skills.  Get the drum to the coordinates by outsmarting your opponents without getting taken out and locate the fuel drums.  Red drums are worth bonus points, retrieve the black and red fuel drums and get them back to your base as quickly as possible,  The more drums you get better chance you will win the game!


Protect the convoy from the marauders who are trying to take it.  WIth lots of vehicles in the convoy you don’t know where your team is going to get hit.  All you know is you have to stop it happening by taking out the opposition first.  You do have some additional resources in this game – the Browning paintball machine gun, strategically mounted on a vehicle.


CQB is close quarter combat – this is a new game zone that is currently in development.  Use the buildings to and seek out the enemy.  They are going to be doing the same thing so you can expect lots of fast and furious action.  Please note that this game zone is currently in development and will be very different to the photo when ready.